Code of Conduct

Esterad has always strived to set out the highest standards of code of conduct, best business practices and professionalism by adopting up to date internal policies and governance and strictly following applicable laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Bahrain and elsewhere.

In all circumstances, directors’ and employees’ must act ethically in all dealings and communications with business partners, regulators, colleagues, and above all, the Company’s valued stakeholders. It is a must that all the Company’s directors’ and employees’ comprehend and examine the Company’s policies and procedures applicable to them at all times.

To fulfill the above, the Company has put in place several comprehensive policies which encompass the “Code of Conduct” and “Code of Ethics” to guide how directors and employees should act and behave. Moreover, all directors attend a comprehensive training program with an emphasis on the principles and practices of Corporate Governance. This program enables them to fully engage in the values & principles of the organization and keeps them abreast of current innovation.