Esterad Investment Company ("Esterad") was established in 1973 as "The National Imports and Exports Company", a public listed Company with concessions from the Government of Bahrain to trade in basic commodities such as cement, sugar and rice. From early 1990’s Esterad invested its retained earnings in a mix of asset classes in order to diversify its income in anticipation of dwindling trading revenues after the removal of government concession rights. As investment capital grew to become the dominant asset base, the generated profits eventually exceeded income from trading and henceforth Esterad transformed over time to become a proprietary Investment Company.

Dislodging almost entirely out of its traditional trading activities, the Company in late 2003 changed the company's name to Esterad Investment Company, reflecting its transition to a fully fledged diversified investment company. The new name encompasses the traditional name known in the Bahraini market to identify the company of "Esterad", meaning "Import" in Arabic, together with an assertion of its current predominant investment activities.

The new era of investment operation which experienced an expansion of the Company’s investment professionals and capital has successfully progressed in line with its thriving legacy as a profitable and high dividend paying Company. Until the financial crisis of 2008, Esterad had a proven track record of secure and profitable investments regionally and internationally in a wide ranging variety of investment assets, notably in public and private equities, fixed income, real estate and other asset classes partly invested through managed funds.

Supported by a healthy capital structure unencumbered by unserviceable debt weight, Esterad painstakingly managed to pass through the challenges brought by the financial and the global economic downturn post the crisis to duly regroup its investment operation on the basis of a more focused business model and feasible operational plan.